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Vietnam War - only war US has ever lost, says...

Juan Williams, sitting in for O'Reilly on Fox News ( June 3, 2011) made the statement that has been oft repeated that the Vietnam war was the only war the US has ever lost.

No war could be a better example of snatching defeat from victory thanks to the Democrats.  How can we classify modern day Democrats as anything but people who believe in themselves, power and the lie, within their party, more than they believe in God, in moral principles, in the Constitution, in the America handed down from the Founding Fathers?

Back in the 50's when I was in high school most people thought it didn't make much difference voting Democrat or Republican since their principles were basically the same.  They were both Americans - but not today.

Where did it all start?  In the late 1800's secular modernism was introduced from Europe and leading Americans were fascinated with new ideas of Bismarck and later Mussolini.  Woodrow Wilson was almost successful in converting America into a secular state but an illness (probably the flu pandemic of 1918) was responsible for rendering him physically and mentally incapacitated during the later portion of his second term, causing his early death at the end of his second term; America escaped the first attempt by the Democrats to "change" America.

The next attempt was made by FDR, who considered the Bill of Rights to consist of "negative rights" and he proposed changing them to "positive rights"(we hear of the same idea from the Obama administration).  The second World War sapped a lot of his strength and he was never able to implement his ideas, dying shortly after the start of his 4th term.

Harry Truman had his hands full authorizing the use of the atom bomb to end the war with Japan, as well as the Korean war which erupted during his second administration.  Famous investigation of communists by Senator McCarthy; Communists into unions.

The 60's brought in the Kennedys as well as the 60's progressives, communists.  John Kennedy was felled by an assassin's bullet and Lyndon Johnson's Great Society was inaugurated.

Richard Nixon, Watergate fiasco, war in Cambodia.  Roe v Wade.  Democrats cause our troops to be pulled from Vietnam due to refusal to fund the war.  Vietnam falls.

In a close election Jimmy Carter wins and establishes Depts of Education and Energy, one of the leading causes of the weakening of America.

Reagan unable to pass his domestic programs due to control of Democrats in Congress.  Iran-Contra. Oliver North.  250 Marines killed in Lebanon.  

Bush1 renegs on no taxes promise and losses to Clinton who gets two terms.

Clinton attempts Health Care - fails.  Republicans under Gingrich take Control of House in 1994 which they keep until 2006.  Senate, controlled by Democrats allows SCOTUS to be stacked with liberals.

Bush2 takes control of Senate in 2000 only briefly because of Republican turncoat.  Afghanistan, Iraq, 2004 election, Senate and House both Republican but Republican and Democrats as big spenders both bring about recession.  2006 election Democrats take House and Senate.  Democrat schemes to fund risky loans brings down housing market.

The Takeover under Obama in 2008.  His ram in down their throats policy under Pelosi brings about recapture of House and almost Senate in 2010;  Republicans get 30 governors, many true conservatives, they capture majority of state legislatures.  Big battle now brewing over Health Care repeal and Unions resisting, as in Wisconsin, their controlling influence in government through the Democrat Party.