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To all my readers:

If you are interested in a particular post and want to ask questions or if you want to leave a comment please just click on COMMENTS in red at bottom of the post and you can give your name or email address or simply select anonymous an dI will use this Page to respond to comments (Please no SCAM)  COMMENTS may have a number in front which is the number of comments already made.

#1 To anonymous who had a question on 1/7/13: STOP THE SPIRAL OF SILENCE
Hi, am I allowed to share your blog on my Facebook group? I have numerous close friends who would benefit from the information there. Kindly inform me if that is feasible. Thanks.  
My answer: yes you may share my blog on your facebook group.  Thanks for your interest.

#2 To anonymous who commented on 11/10/12: Beck's Poker Game
Thankfulness to my father who shared with me about this webpage, this website is in fact awesome.
My response:  Thank you very much for your kind comment.

#3 Thanks for taking the time to discuss this,I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. on Why Do Women Dress The Way They do?
My response:  I have had numerous hits on this topic but you have left the first comment. I would be interested in any questions and further comments you may have.  If you wish you may email me at  I'm in Hawaii and you are down under in Australia; it was a protest in Australia some years ago that encouraged me to write the post you have commented on.

#4 To Anonymous  January 28, 2013  on Sarah  This post is lol.
My response:  Lots of love or lots of laughs, Sarah is the only active politician who understands what is needed to really restore and grow America.

#5 To: Bonny I Batman commented on your blog post "Is Sarah Finished?" on Team Sarah
Is Sarah Finished?  Not by a long shot.  Fasten your seat belts when round 3 starts.  Washington is dirty, but that is still only one area of this vast country.  The blunk {bulk} of the people don't hurt enough yet!  Just wait.  A new dawn is coming.
My response: Thanks for your positive response on Team Sarah (original post on this blog).  Sarah has yet to make her Mark, first in 2014.

#6 To: dennis mchale commented on your blog post "Is Sarah Finished?" on Team Sarah
Philip, please don't take this wrong, when I state that many, including myself have written here at TS, the many reasons Sarah was attacked.  Her first and foremost enemy is not the LEFT.  It is the Republican Party.  Your welcome to come to my page and read of the many reasons why the Republicans have tried to get rid of her from the very beginning. Understand that the National political Party is deathly afraid of what the LEFT Media says about them, and so they look to find a scapegoat in Sarah, the TEA Party, and the Conservative Movement as a whole.  The GOP will not admit to their own mistakes that has now driven away their Conservative base.
To answer your question:  Is Sarah finished?   I believe within the Republican Party she is. The number of people within that Party that chooses it's leadership are very small, and they will never allow Sarah to get that nomination.  Again they are looking to please the crowd in Washington, and not Main Street America, or the Heartland of America.  So if Sarah wants to get all the way to the POTUS, she will have to do it outside the GOP framework.  It is highly unlikely that a 3rd Party run can win the White House, but if there ever has been someone who could do it, it would be Sarah.  As far as a commentator or a US Senator, the options are still open.
My response: Thanks for your response on Team Sarah (original post on this blog)
I agree with you 1000% on your assessment of the GOP.

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