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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Three Stooges

Having just watched the press conference of the three top Democrat senators Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer, I cannot but feel I was actually watching an old comedy movie involving the Three Stooges. They were laughing and giggling, unable to control their demener as one would expect from professional people; as Sen. Reid started speaking one of their cell phones went off and produced one of the funniest situations with everyone on the podium trying to figure out what to do with the cell phone, still ringing. Schumer finally threw the cell phone into the crowd of reporters.

One can only guess who the call was from. I thought it was going to be a call from the president telling Reid to do or not to do whatever he was doing. As Reid continued speaking Schumer had a sh... eating grin on his face that lasted several minutes until finally it became evident he was trying to force the grin off his face; it looked very strange indeed. Durbin then spoke for a few minutes followed by Schumer.   When Sen. Reid then called for questions from the reporters he said that the questions would have to be few because everyone was so tired; it wasn't hard to figure out he just didn't want to have to field a challenging question.

During the whole press conference all three men spoke in the most derisive terms of Republicans, particularly of the new conservative Republicans whom Schumer described as “not able to tie their shoes”. They were just three silly men complaining about the Republicans having done nothing, having not passed anything which in itself was amazingly stupid to say. The Republicans passed 2 bills, both of which, were summarily DOA or ”dead on arrival”, or tabled, according to Reid, but now he says it got 59 votes with 60 needed?  Who knows?   If these are the people at the head of the Senate in the Obama administration then the American people are served by men who act like little teenage girls, giggling and squeeling as they say nasty things about serious and professional opponents of their misguided acts.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No Kids Allowed

The post title refers to an article on Yahoo describing the growing movement of "No Kids Allowed" in a host of public airlines, hotels, restaurants, stores, theaters, vacation spots of all sorts. The article is well written and reports pros and cons about this movement. Here is a clip from the article which gives a balanced report of how this has come to be:

"Brat bans could well be the next frontier in destination and leisure-product marketing," writes Robert Klara in an article on the child-free trend in AdWeek. Klara points to, a travel website for kid-free vacations, with a massive list of yoga retreats, luxury resorts and bargain hotels around the world that ban children.

When did kids become the equivalent of second-hand smoke? Blame a wave of childless adults with money to spare. "Empty nesters continue to wield a huge swath of discretionary spending dollars, and population dips in first-world countries mean more childless couples than ever," writes AdWeek's Klara.

I was happy to see this insert by the author, as to who is pushing this movement to ban kids. Yep, you guessed it, childless couples who have lots of money! Don't worry, there are plenty like me who love kids and their playfulness; in fact there will be plenty of places where kids will be welcome. Many childless couples are quite a bore anyway!

There's a quaint old expression "What's good for the goose is good for the Gander"

which is apropos here. For every "Kids Not Allowed" enterprise there will be a "Kids Welcome" enterprise for two reasons; First, not all business people dislike kids, and second there are plenty of business people who will cater to those having kids because moms with kids have money too!
To see the entire article see the link at the bottom of the post

Now, banning all kids and not just the rowdy and undisciplined kids is clearly discriminatory.

Monday, July 25, 2011

It's not the Debt Crisis; It's the EPA Crisis!

Obama is the masterful magician of our times. He portrays himself as the quintessential super salesman, full of life, full of energy, loping down the movable stairs of Air Force One, bristling with smiles of self assuredness as if to say "like to see Bush do this", "I'm getting that done, and just follow me and we'll all be in happy land together".  He talks to the assembled devotees who applaud his every word, his every smile, his every glance, his every cock of the head as he rambles on with the confidence and arrogance of the salesman selling a model A Ford as if it were a $100,000 Mercedes.  And the audience eats it up. They love him. He's the king of the world. He knows all. He does all. And they want him not just our reelected president in 2012.

They want him as king with his queen Michelle, eliminator of all things detrimental to the American diet, (even if it puts bakeries and such out of business; too bad, no fat Americans allowed).  Why, our queen just loves our EPA, the wonderful and glorious Environmental Protection Agency, which is looking after us and creating a better world for us, free of all the harmful ingredients of energies such as coal, gas, oil.  She and Obama are creating for us a utopian world, a utopian America in which we no longer have to slave and work at a meaningless job.  We will be living in a world free, free of all the environmental pollutants that are forced upon us by rich moguls who care nothing for the environment, only profits.

We hear about his job rating and favorability in polls, dropping below 50%. And we wonder when President Bush had favorability ratings 20% to 30%. How could it be that Obama fans worry that his ratings are just below 50%? Had President Bush's favorability's been just under 50% he might still be president. It is amazing that this man can, through his charm and sense of ease, fake out and deceive so many people. It will be amazing if we can survive this devil-take-care attitude of this man, while inwardly he must be amused at how easy it is to distract almost 50% of the people and to keep them happy-go- lucky as he allows his minions in the EPA to slowly strangle businesses with all kinds of regulations; businesses that have heretofore created jobs.  And we don't see it? We are unaware of what he's doing? And if we hear about it we laugh and joke about all the silly regulations the EPA hands out to protect elements of the environment we have thought of as being insignificant.

Click on the link below to read a comprehensive article which reveals what is being quietly done behind our backs by the EPA; but it also suggests backing petitions to help our Tea Party representatives in the House.  And the Senate.  The  newly elected Republicans in the House are desperately trying to get laws passed to curtail these destructive regulations imposed upon businesses but they are hamstrung by the Democrat Senate.  They need our help!

It's the EPA stupid!

There they go again!

There they go again! The New York Times has as its banner headline a declaration that this murderer in Norway is a Christian extremist. That this is not true is easily proven by the fact that this 32 year old man never had any kind of Christian connections; he was not baptized a Christian, he never went to a Christian church.  He was so extreme in his philosophy that he was kept out of organizations that were not Christian and not terrorist groups, but they did not want him in their organizations.  He was a loner who hated all Moslems, whether extremists or not.  This is not Christian.   We, as Christians, may I have more the terrible and unjust things done by extremist Muslims, but we are forbidden to judge them to hell because of the teachings of Jesus Christ who is the one who will ultimately judge us all.

It is not surprising that the New York Times does this kind of yellow journalism. They are leftist extremists who in concert with Obama and the Democrats in Congress want to see America as a secularist society because many of their beliefs are secularist. For example, the New York Times, along with Obama and the Democrats espouse abortion. In one of my most recent posts, "Wilberforce and abortion", I suggest that Wilberforce, if he were alive today, would be just as fiercely against abortion, the killing of innocent babies, as he was against slavery. Wilberforce would also be against the modern type of slavery where women and children are kidnapped all over the world to be sold into slavery.

Getting back to our Christian roots and following Jesus Christ as Wilberforce did, recommended for any society, is the only way that we will be able to save our America. Obama and his followers are not Christians. Nancy Pelosi claims to be a good Catholic. But she is solidly in favor of abortion, using any method, at any time during pregnancy. She, as are her Democrat colleagues, is a Catholic in name only.

Unfortunately there are those who call themselves Christians, perhaps even conservatives, who damn to hell those who do not follow what they think are Christian precepts. Only Christians who have a deep love for Jesus Christ so that they welcome him into their hearts and desire nothing but to live within Him and follow his commands are true Christians as Wilberforce was. This is what William Wilberforce did and it is what we who call ourselves Christians must do: to live in Christ and to allow him to live within us. If we do that we surely will take our country back in spite of those modern secularists who wish to eliminate Christianity from our nation.

Tax the Rich

During the presidential campaign of 2008 between Obama and McCain we heard Obama saying those making over $200,000 or $250,000 per year are the rich and the rich should be paying more taxes. The debate was controlled by the Democrats, by their media and by Obama; to them the rich were those making in excess of these numbers. The Republicans, conservatives, Fox news pundits and McCain himself seemed to always respond in a feeble way that did not resonate with voters as much as the talking points of the Democrats.

Conservative Republicans came up with the response that those who earned in excess of $200,000 or $250,000 yearly income paid more then 90% of all tax revenues, while only 50% of all Americans paid any taxes at all. Assuming these statements to be true, it seemed as though the point was being missed. The election went to Obama and the Democrats for lack of a better grasp of articulating a more vivid response to the economic nightmare that was being formulated and put into practice by an overwhelming majority of the Democrat party.

Not that such a more eloquent response entered my mind at that time, but only of late has it occurred to me that the response ought to have been and should now be: taxing those whose income exceeds $250,000 is not taxing the rich; it is taxing those who are productive.

The question really is, who are the rich? If one really considers it, the rich are those who have assets worth, not just hundreds of thousands of dollars, but millions of dollars; and some having billions of dollars. If the Democrats really intended to tax the rich, then the assets of people exceeding perhaps  millions of dollars should be taxed. This would be actually taxing the rich. Of course, this would never happen since the very Democrats who, along with Obama, want to tax those making in excess of $250,000, according to their definition of rich, are the very ones who have accumulated tens of millions and hundreds of billions of dollars in assets during their tenure as politicians in Congress.

The trouble is, those who have incomes of $250,000

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wilberforce and Abortion

What follows is a tract taken from an essay written by Ervin Sims, a friend of mine from Team Sarah, a website dedicated to the support of Sarah Palin in her efforts to bring about the salvation of America from those, most of whom reside in the Democrat party, who are determined to destroy the America known to have been the beacon for freedom loving people for two centuries.

This portion of his essay has been revised to emphasize the main theme while ensuring its meaning correlates with the original essay, which may be found as one of my pages in its entirety.

The basic theme of the essay is to place in the minds of readers the sublime uniqueness of the man William Wilberforce, whose notable success in eliminating the slave trade, as well as slavery itself,  in the British empire, was brought about, not by mere human craft and endurance, but by a continuous and living faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior, whose promise to bring to fruition the desires of those who love Him and follow Him on the path of the Cross, never fails.

Further, it will be my desire to ask readers of this essay whether or not Wilberforce would have handled the most horrific injustice of our present time, abortion, in any different manner than slavery?

It is my hope that we can find a Wilberforce of our time whose devotion to Christ would be no less and whose companions in faith, within and without politics, would no longer fear the hostility of those who, like the forces arrayed against Wilberforce, try to silence with lies, threats, ridicule and persecution those models of Christ who would courageously prevail until abortion is no more.

Wilberforce, Wesley and the Influence of the Methodist Movement 
on England and the English Slave Trade (as edited)

By Ervin Sims

The people of Great Britain were among the first to seek an end to slavery and the slave trade that brought Africans as slaves to the Western hemisphere from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries. Historians have noted many causes for the rise of opposition to slavery and the slave trade that supported it. Philosophers began to question the logic of rational beings holding one another in bondage, the belief in the virtue or ethic of human benevolence became popular, and the influence of various Christian groups and movements.

Both Quakers and Methodist were vocal in their opposition to slavery.  The influence of the Methodist movement had a profound effect on the abolition of slavery in general and the slave trade of Great Britain in particular. When looking at the abolitionism in Great Britain, the lives and careers of two people in particular stand out. They are John Wesley and William Wilberforce.

The Christian beliefs of William Wilberforce had a profound effect on the legislation affecting slavery and the slave trade.   John Wesley and the Methodist movement had a profound effect on the beliefs of William Wilberforce.  Wesley’s essay entitled “Thoughts Upon Slavery” was a strong statement in opposition to slavery and the slave trade. Wesley makes it clear that Christianity and the institution of slavery are incompatible and that the practitioner of one could not be a practitioner of the other. Wesley calls on the slave trader as well as the slave owner to repent.

On February 18, 1796  Wilberforce

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Saxby, it IS raising taxes!

Oh my gosh, what is wrong with you Republicans in office?

Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia has the temerity to say that eliminating tax deductions is not raising taxes?  If we can't deduct interest on home loans we pay more tax and it wrecks incentives to invest in a home!!!  Did you take Math in school?

You Republicans in the House who did note vote for Cut, Cap, Balance!  Shame on you; you will be returned home in 2012.

I hope you tea party Republicans refuse to raise the debt limit because Obama does not know, like Pilate of old, what truth is!  He would not dare fail to pay our bills because he knows he will be blamed; but he likes scare tactics.

Come on you decent Republicans, vote the way you promised.

Polls indicate a good majority of people do NOT want the debt limit raised.  Don't be intimidated!  Democrats lie and scare and intimidate and polls are showing people do not believe the world will end nor will economic disaster ensue if the debt limit is not raised.

Republicans in House and Senate!  Do not cave!  If you do, there will be economic disaster!  Democrats and moderate Republicans have spent your tax money and caused this crisis!

In the House, the Democrats give me migraines but I don't hold such a malady against any Republican ladies.

House leadership:  I suggest you reprimand that racist Democrat woman representative who keeps bothering Rep West.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What is meant by "smaller government"?

Watching TV this afternoon, a gentleman being interviewed asked, "You Republicans talk about smaller government but what exactly does that mean?".   This expression, and many others in politics,  is used without enough thought given, by those desiring a smaller government,  as to whether a majority, or hopefully, a vast majority of people, understand what the meaning is.

One should never dismiss another's lack of understanding of such an important term as trivial and not worthy of an explanation.  Having been in leadership positions within the Republican Party in Hawaii, learning never to take for granted that someone under my direction was always on the same page as I, was indispensable to success in any undertaking.

So what does smaller government mean compared to larger government?  A key word to be used to explain the difference is INTRUSION.   Before getting into the use of this term, we need to know what government means and what its responsibilities are.  First of all, government has been formed to take care of the needs of a community of individuals who are unable, individually, to take care of the needs of the entire community.

Let's take the example of a town of a few thousand people.  As we drive into the center of town we see businesses and shops selling all kinds of personal items necessary for daily living. There are grocery stores, restaurants, barbershops, clothing stores and stores that handle just about anything a person within the town needs. There are churches, playgrounds, schools, a library, a firehouse, police station, a medical clinic or hospital, a post office, and a City Hall.

Besides many homes situated around the center of town which house families whose members work in the various businesses and other institutions composing the center of town, there are roads, all of which are paved; there are electrical conduits buried in the ground servicing all homes and businesses, there are also water pipes similarly buried, perhaps even gas lines and of course sewer lines in a more modern town.

When such a town is just in its beginning stages,

Sunday, July 17, 2011


In this short post I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite, and I think greatest, movies “amazing Grace”. It is a movie that I've watch many times. It is a movie that gives me, every time, renewed hope in a world of corruption, deceit and tyrants invested in depriving every individual, if possible, of their freedom.

It is a film which contains many of the forces in the world for good that, in my essays, I have hopefully been able to convey to others. It involves the dedication and courage of a member of the British Parliament in the late 1700s and the early 1800s. His name is William Wilberforce.  He was instrumental in bringing major reforms to British society, the most important and dramatic of which was the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire. In the life of this individual, God was all important; initially he had to battle with whether he dedicated himself completely to God or whether he used his talents as an orator in Parliament to bring about changes that really involved doing God's work.

One of the truly wonderful things depicted in this film is, after a discouraging number of years, in which Wilberforce was not able to get his bill to abolish slavery passed in the parliament, it took a woman, his new wife, to bring him to the realization that he should not give up.

In addition to the film there is a school in Pittsburg, PA named after this famous British reformer, the Wilberforce school, which has the elements of the kind of education we should be giving our young. The trailer for the film, as well as a video describing the school and its mission, are included on the right side of this post. Both these videos speak for themselves and are worthy of being viewed.

Included here is a worthy biography of William Wilberforce; included in the biography is an image of William which helps us glean the gentleness attributable to a man of God.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Do not judge others,.....

When will I be able to turn the television on and not see the viciousness, hostility, vengeance being leveled against Casey Anthony? I must admit that during her trial I was eager to watch TV to see if she was going to be convicted of responsibility for the death of her child; I probably entertained the thoughts of her being convicted for murder. Looking at her face, it seemed unnatural; especially when I would see her turn towards her lawyers with a giggle or smile. To be truthful I didn't have many good thoughts about her and I thought she would be convicted for something, showing that she had some responsibility for the disappearance and death of her daughter.

But the jury found her not guilty of all the charges involving the death of her child. At that time I wrote a post in which I expressed the opinion that the jury made a mistake in simply acquitting her because there were so many unanswered questions and it seems that she must have had some responsibility in the death of her daughter. But that's what the jury decided. It would have been better had she gotten a new trial in which, hopefully, a much more professional job were to be done both by the prosecution and the defense. It was too much of a circus.

Justice could be better served in these kinds of trials, where the public audience becomes too involved in trying to assess guilt or innocence, by not having the trial made public.  Justice is hard enough to be meted out when human beings, full of all kinds of faults and prejudices themselves, attempt to honestly serve justice, but with the media feeding what amounts to a mob mentality, with all kinds of twists of truth and falsehood, it becomes a melodrama whose ending must be in conformity with, often times, a perverse conclusion.

To now see Casey Anthony being judged by a public mob

Friday, July 15, 2011


On Sean Hannity's special TV show today he had the pollster Frank Luntz interviewing two groups of women. One group of women was composed of Republican freshman newly elected in the house in the 2010 election. The other group of women were just ordinary citizens. Mr. Luntz started off with a video clip on which the woman heading the Democrat national committee raged about Republicans who constantly attacked women; in what seems to have been an edited clip, she just re-iterated over and over again that Republicans constantly attacked women.

Mr. Luntz then asked for comments from more than a dozen of the newly elected freshman. Each one said they were disgusted by this lady's comments and gave good reasons why; they are business people, mothers with children, conservatives with a view of limited government, that is, less intrusion and less corruption in government. When the group of ordinary citizens were asked the same question, they also expressed disgust and a sense of the unfairness in the tirade of this national committeewoman.

Another element which came up during the discussion was the need for both parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, to get together and compromise. They felt that the American people also wanted compromise to arrive at the best solution with each side giving what they could to accomplish the ends of decreasing the national debt and reducing spending.

It was to me significant that something important was missing from everything that was said by all parties.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"I have not yet begun to fight"

His ship, the "Bon Homme Richard", a gift of the French, recently having sided with America, torn and shattered, divested of masts and sails by furious barrages from the British warship "Serapis" was close to sinking when the commander of the Serapis asked the American Commander if he wished to surrender.  "I have not yet begun to fight" was the answer received.  It was not long before the Serapis was in as sorry a state as the Richard, so much so that the British commander surrendered his ship with the American sailors boarding their prize not long before their ship sank.

John Paul Jones, one of the most effective naval commanders of the fledgling American Navy during the War of Independence is credited with these stirring words of courage and determination against odds not calculated to be in his nor the American favor.

But such boldness in the face of substantive odds is what has made America great.  Now, in this year of 2011, such boldness, such courage, such understanding that in times of crisis one does not count the odds must be our goal; one surges forward, not counting the cost, but keeping the greatness of America as a beacon to keep on course - to not "cave" out of fear.

Come on you Republican leaders in the House and Senate, FIGHT!  Democrats on the other side of the aisle, on the other side of reason and truth have sought to destroy this nation; tell them to their faces we love truth and freedom and that we will fight them to the last, that the fight is just beginning until the last vestiges of their corruption and lack of honor will be seen in future histories as a dark period long gone.

Obama now threatens to deprive us seniors of our social security checks.  He Threatens!  He doesn't care!  He is a demagogue never before seen in this America.  Tell that to his face!  Tell him you have not yet begun to fight to keep this nation free!  Tell him and his corrupt fellow thugs that we are Americans who love freedom and truth and despise the tyranny he espouses.  We trust in God and not in those who think themselves above God.  Tell him!  Tell them!  Tell them we are a free people and we have not yet begun to fight!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"The Undefeated"

Anyone who has not seen the trailer for the documentary film entitled “the undefeated” should take a look at it right now.  It is available to see on the right of this posting and there will be a link at the end of this post.  It is well done and in itself not only reveals the subject of the complete documentary itself but  introduces the person about whom the film has been made; a person who embodies the courage, intelligence, experience and ability necessary to accomplish what is of vital importance in today's national political scene.

As the number of candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in the year 2012 grows, and as the animus of the Democrat opposition grows more hot, more fierce, more insane, it is clear that a tough, shrewd, experienced fighter against entrenched, corrupt politicians is going to be needed. Are these candidates for this tough job who have so far ventured into the race going to be able to do what will be needed to eradicate the instruments of corruption sown into our once proud government of the people, by the people and for the people?

This trailer and the complete documentary provide us with a look at the kind of leader we are going to need as president in 2012. Is there anyone who can match her? In seeing this film I think we will all see why this person has been the target of the most vicious kinds of poisonous lies in order to try to destroy the possibility of her ever being president of the United States. Take a look at the trailer, recommend it to your friends, do your best to see the film itself and finally recommend the film to everyone you can. 

It is a film that is a must see for every single person who cares about this country and cares about undoing the damage president Obama and his colleagues in the Democrat party have done. We simply need someone who can get the job done, who is not afraid to do the things that will be necessary to get the job done; I think this film will give us the idea she might be the only one.  She may be a woman of destiny graced by the Almighty with the requirements only she may have.  

Another four years of Obama and his Democrats in Congress will spell the end of this American Nation. Let us hope and pray that this film helps in the cause of getting the right person for this tough and thankless job into the presidency in 2012.

The Link

Monday, July 11, 2011

How dare they call us immoral and un-American!

Let's call a spade a spade!  Obama stated many times during his first campaign for the presidency in 2008 that he wanted to distribute the wealth in this country by taking money from productive people and giving it to less productive people.  Remember when he said this to Joe the plumber and then sent his lackeys out to destroy the reputation of Joe because he spoke out?  This is pure theft and pure vengeance!


Now Obama has started, beginning in early 2011, his second campaign for re-election in November of 2012 after a heavy workload of golfing, basketball and multi-billion dollar vacations to just about every foreign country while bowing, scraping and apologizing for America at every opportunity.

He now sends out his lackeys, starting with vice president goofy, to tell those Americans who voice their objection to his determination to destroy the economy of America, by spending, taxing, and passing so-called health care with hidden costs, mandates and restrictions on care and licenses to live for unwanted and deformed babies, the unproductive disabled and aged useless eaters, that their objections are unwanted, immoral and un-American.


Who are the true immoral and un-American people?  All members of the Democratic Party in Congress; who use as a litmus test for membership an oath to support abortion in all cases with no exceptions; who put aside God, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution as irrelevant in modern times; who want only their Democrat party to control a Marxist socialist state.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Casey Anthony

The Anthony acquittal opens up a can of worms regarding our American justice system.  This is not meant to say that Casey should have been convicted of the murder of her daughter.  Casey may have murdered her daughter by her own hands, or with help, or she may have accidentally killed her, or others may have been complicit in killing her.  On the other hand, she may not have killed or murdered her daughter.

There are at least two major problems with the handling of this case.  The circus atmosphere surrounding the case had too much of an influence in the formation of any realistic understanding of what may have transpired.  The other and companion problem was the inability of the prosecution, the defense, all the pundits in the media and experts of all kinds, to put together what pieces of the puzzle they had, to arrive at plausible scenarios without jumping to emotionally driven conclusions not supported by adequate evidence.

According to the Jurors who have spoken out, they were left with no option but acquittal, since the prosecution had offered no charge against the defendant not involving Casey bringing about the death of her daughter in some direct or indirect way, for which the jurors could find no evidence.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

An important addition to my original essay on the Trinity

Last Sunday was Trinity Sunday.  One year ago, on Trinity Sunday, the sermon had given me thought to write an essay on the Trinity, one of my Five Essays posted earlier, proposing a simple way of understanding the Trinity in terms of a logical necessity for there being three Persons in only one God.  God is Love and must have an object of His love which necessitates the existence of His Son, also God, but a distinct Person.  The ferocity of the love between the Father and the Son must be God as pure Love and hence predicates the existence of a third distinct Person, the Holy Spirit.  But there is only one God.  An oversimplified way of seeing the legitamacy of this idea is to view God in terms of three parts or functions which make up the whole; each part or Person having the same nature, God.

As a result of the most recent Trinity Sunday I came away with the realization that the Trinity is the core of Christian belief and faith.  Why?  The beginning of the revelation of the Trinity begins with the Virgin birth of Christ, continues with the teachings and miracles of Christ culminating in the absolutely unparalleled gift of God's redeeming love for all human beings, of all times, found in the suffering, death, resurrection and ascension into heaven of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, God.

It is through all these events that God has revealed Himself in the Trinity of Persons heretofore unknown but to a few to whom God wished to reveal Himself.  Jesus asks the Pharisees in the Temple in Jerusalem, whose descendant is the Messiah to be?  David's descendant, they responded.  Jesus then asks them why the Holy Spirit, through a special revelation, inspires David in psalm 110 to call this descendant 'Lord', that is, God.  In spite of all the miracles He has performed and all He has taught, these Pharisees are unable to understand that Jesus is revealing to them that He is the Messiah, so they have no response.

Through the revelation of the Trinity then, God makes us understand that only His Son, Jesus Christ, could redeem human beings from the separation from God due to the fall of Adam, the father of the human race.  As St. John says, God so loved human beings that He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to make reparation, in a way that is one of the great mysteries of Christianity, through the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, on a cross, in the personhood of God the Son of God. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Why this Christian Supports Israel

Since our president has "Thrown Israel Under the Bus" by suggesting that any peace agreement between Itself and the Palestinians, supported by anti-Semitic terrorist organizations, I have given thought to why I am in support of Israel and the Jewish people.  I am not a Jew; I am a Christian of Western European origin.

In my early years I remember hearing disparaging remarks about Jews from my elders from the "old country".  An elderly friend of the family had an extensive collection of books which he used for research on a "conspiracy of the Jews" who wanted to take power in America; he enjoyed watching Senator Joseph McCarthy and his hearings on TV.

He was trying to convert me to his way of thinking, but luckily I had made a decision to join the Army in January of 1956.  After reading some magazines he had suggested,  I suddenly came to the conclusion that it din't make any sense to demonize a whole race of people because some of those people were "bad".  I saw enough and read enough, while stationed in Germany, about the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis which reinforced my abhorrence of hating a whole group of people.