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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Asian-American lawmakers demand Limbaugh apology  By AP Press in Yahoo News

Reading this article in Yahoo News just made me angry.  Rush was using a "Chinese Accent" in talking about the recent visit of Mr. Hu from China to President Obama in the White House.  Way back in 1954 A.D. I had a "chinese accent" which I used in my first performance on stage at one of the high schools on the San Francisco peninsula.  A friend had invited me to the try-out for the play "Lost Horizon" and the casting crew gave me the part of Chang because they liked my accent; that part was second only to the lead and I had a ball playing the part. 

I would like to be invited on Rush's show and we could see who has the better accent.  What is the matter with these PC people on the Left who think they have a right to criticize anyone for an imagined slur?  Listen you guys, I never, never even thought I was belittling anyone with my accent; that was never my intention and it sickens me that some people can criticize us for having some fun with accents, words, phrases, gestures, etc. and these are the same people who advocate killing innocent babies inside and outside the womb, who want to control our lives in every possible way; all I can say to them is "go get a life" and more praise to Rush for doing what I've done all my life without any intention or thought of hurting anyone.

By the way I'm a Roman Catholic and downright proud of it; we are constantly beaten up, targeted, mocked, berated by the left - in particular by the ACLU - and we take it without making as much of a fuss as these PC folks; that's because we are secure in our faith, as are other Christians, while those on the left show their insecurity in their God-less beliefs.

Philip Moore for Life, Liberty, Trust in God, and freedom from the PC crowd.

Friday, January 14, 2011


After the insanity of this week over the Left's blaming Conservatives, particularly Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party for the insanity of the shooter in Tucson, this article published on Hot Air, a web site I am finding has some of the best by the best, made me realize there are a host of people who see what's going on and my tendency to paranoia about America in terrible trouble and without help is greatly mollified.  See what you think.
After she – and other prominent conservatives – were blamed for the horrendous tragedy in Arizona, former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin clouded herself in silence for a few days, after which she came back with a vengeance. She released a video in which she took on the mainstream  media and leftist activists (but I’m repeating myself) for playing dirty games; for literally using the horrific deaths of six innocent people to further their agenda.
It goes without saying that Palin is right. Leftists condemned conservatives in general for the shooting before we even knew the slightest thing about Jared Lee Loughner’s political views. Once more information surfaced about his background, it became clear that he is simply insane. Politics had nothing to do with his terrible crime. Of course that inconvenient fact did not prevent leftists from lashing out at, especially, Palin time and again. They had found a new political weapon, and they were determined to use it for all its worth.
Palin waited a few days, but when she finally came out, she did so blasting. She blasted the media and her other leftist critics, and had no qualms accusing them of ‘blood libel.’ While the Left will undoubtedly hate her for it, she has the truth on her side. Progressives’ reaction to the Arizona shooting was nauseating.
What’s more intriguing about this whole affair than the Left’s reaction, however, is Palin’s response to the ‘blood libel.’ Some advisers undoubtedly told her to keep her mouth shut, to let this one go. But that’s not Palin’s style. No. She’s a self-styled momma grizzly. Although it’s easy to make fun of this term, the fact of the matter is that she does embody the grizzly-attitude. She fears nothing. When cornered, she lashes out. She plays offense at all times, not just when so-called ‘experts’ think it’s convenient. And big pappa grizzlies don’t impress her one bit. She’s determined to protect her cubs – whether they’d be her own career, her ideals, her policy views, her children, or her allies – against all cost. And that’s precisely what makes her so dangerous to the left.
Palin’s distinct approach to politics is “Palinism.” To me, it’s basically a libertarian conservative world view, combined with an aggressive strategy to win elections and shape the general tone of the debate. Although some more careful – and fearful – conservatives may not like it, Palin’s combination is the way forward; at least for her.
Although I have a record of criticizing Palin, I’ve come to respect her tremendously in recent months. The more she says and writes, the more impressed I am by her character, fearlessness, political intelligence and strategy. This is one dangerous lady – if you oppose her agenda, that is.
I’m not ready yet to (prematurely) endorse any candidate for president, but Palin certainly is at, or near, the top of my list. Conservatives need her desperately; other politicos are too afraid of the mainstream media to fight back, but not Palin. Unlike any other conservative politician, she’s able to set the tone of the debate. Even those who are right-of-center and who do not support the governor’s ambitions, have to admit that she has a vital role to play in the conservative movement. To silence her – because you consider her ‘too divisive’ – is not just ludicrous, but potentially dangerous. After all, who else is willing and able to take on the left and its dirty games?
I’m a former Leftist and I thought I’d seen it all. But the events of last week point out something truly new and more vividly evil than anything I’ve seen in America. We see now with a painful clarity how far the Left has come in degrading and morally inverting our society, and how far they intend to go — to the ends of tyranny. This battle is now life and death for America.
What happened to Sarah Palin is pure madness, and from every angle we see in it both the Left’s grand design and fascist fingerprints of execution. Every coping mechanism used by conservatives for the past 15 years to deal with the rise of the Left — which all boiled down to some form of appeasement or avoidance — has failed. Outside of a few writers and philosophers, very few people in the public realm have a clue what the Left is up to or how to contend with them, or have the wits to try a new strategy. Within the popular culture, or among politicians, Sarah Palin is the only person who comprehends and is equipped to do so.
The Left knows this, and they must destroy her. Other conservatives sense the “blood libel”, this fierce intent to destroy, and realize what the Left has in store for them if they rise to her defense. The last week was partly a show of strength by the Left and media, a threat to others who might think of defending her. The imagery of “blood libel”, of how the Nazis divided and culled and massacred the Jews, is more than apt — it is exact, adapted to a non-police state. What the Left and media did was everything they could do under its constraints.
She must run for President. There is no one else. And we must meet their fierce intent with our own fiercer one. There is no other way.
rrpjr on January 13, 2011 at 8:30 PM