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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In a land of empty strip malls

What is a strip mall? It is a collection of small businesses side-by-side along a highway; from the highway one can enter a long series of parking stalls alongside the businesses and after having shopped a customer can easily exit from parking back onto the highway. Along the highways of Georgia one can find many such strip malls. For three weeks now, my energies have been directed toward helping my daughter in moving from one home to another just north of Atlanta. In my journeys, transporting personal belongings from one home to another, I have visited many such strip malls hoping to find various articles needed in a new home; what greeted me was an astonishing number of stores whose signs welcomed customers but whose innards were bare but for an occasional sign reading “for lease” or “for rent”.
While driving my favorite pastime is to listen to conservative radio talk-show hosts. One of these by the name of Neal Boortz gave a credible account of what has been happening not only in Georgia but in other states of the Union. In a chain reaction of banks required by Federal Law to offer loans to customers who could not possibly shoulder the burden of payments resulted in massive foreclosures on properties abandoned by their owners, which in turn forced banks into either failure or a reluctance to lend money to businesses dependent upon such loans to stay in business, thus bringing about businesses letting off workers, with many businesses having to close.  With massive Federal Government spending of taxpayer money to support unions whose members are expected to give the prevailing Obama Democrat Machine in Washington their votes, Big Government was able to cause the beginning of the destruction of private business.
Furthermore, the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, started passing regulations hampering the growth and continuation of many small businesses, further damaging the private sector. The example of the National Labor Relations Board or NLRB in stymieing the creation of a 2nd Boeing Company in South Carolina is an example of government interference to hamper even large but private private business in favor of Big Unionism.
Now big government through the director of health and human services is requiring all private medical records to be handed over to the government; if anyone thought their medical records were guaranteed by the government to be private, they need to do some serious thinking. The writers of federal law, including for the IRS, and their lawyers have craftily written laws which seemingly protect privacy but in reality make it possible for government to demand private records when the government decides such demands are in the interest of the government!  And not the people!
We all need to do some really serious thinking about whom to vote for in November of 2012.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The problem is Bloomberg

America is in crisis. Most see the crisis in terms of issues: taxes, inflation, debt, labor unions, education, energy, military, abortion, Constitution, government, Free Press, religious liberty, church and state, prayer, God, free speech, bearing arms, immigration, political parties and many more.

For example we might say that the issue of taxes revolves about raising, lowering or keeping taxes the same.  Some members of Congress might believe that the crisis would be helped by raising taxes while other members of Congress might believe that not raising taxes would be more helpful in this crisis.  The issue of taxes now becomes a problem of conflict between those for and those against increased taxes in this crisis.

In addition the members of Congress who are for raising taxes become identified with raising taxes, while the others not for raising taxes become identified with not raising taxes.  In other words the problem becomes personalized, even more so when the crisis is as severe as it is today.  If, in the view of a majority of people, raising taxes would severely worsen the crisis, then those in support of raising taxes are seen as the problem, possibly verified by those members of Congress losing their seats in the next election.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City has declared there are to be no clergy and no prayers at the dedication of the 9/11 memorial on the sight of the unwarranted, cowardly, surprise attack on the Twin Towers by Moslem extremists using hijacked, fully fueled, American passenger planes filled with innocent passengers; a crime so great that not even the killing of the instigator of this deed, Bin Laden, is even close to any compensation for the murder of nearly 3000 innocent people at the Towers, the Pentagon and the crash-sight in Pennsylvania.

The issue is the presence of clergy and saying prayers at a memorial.
The problem is the conflict between a mayor unilaterally and categorically deciding against clergy and prayer at the 9/11 memorial on Sept 11, 2011 and people who connect such a memorial with not only God's presence in all human action and events; God has promised that through prayer said with faith in Him, in His Goodness and Love, He will give us whatever we pray for.

Mayor Bloomberg does not see this nor does he understand this.  He is a modern day Pontius Pilate who asked "What is truth?"; Pilate believed only in the power of the state and not in Truth, which resides only in God, who is Truth.  So also Bloomberg clearly believes primarily in the power of the state, while God, even if He exists, takes a back seat to the state.

There are many in power today in the Democrat Congress and elsewhere who believe only in the power of the state.  This is what Obama meant by "change"; Bloomberg exemplifies this change from a trust in God to a dependence on the state.  He, and others like him, is the problem we face in this crisis in America more than any other issue or problem.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Chosen One

What is this that I hear? Have we all gone insane? Our American Nation hangs in the balance; and what is it that I hear but rancor, anger, division? Each calling the other names; one calling the other inexperienced, lacking leadership, having no spine, having too much spine, experienced in business, not experienced in business, having done a poor job as governor, as a member of the House, as a member of the Senate!
Look at the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Did they attack each other personally? Lincoln never went to school!  Did Douglas, who obviously had gone to school, belittle Lincoln for lacking public schooling? Lincoln was self-taught, self educated, a brilliant man, a decent man.
Today politicians spend millions upon millions of dollars attacking each other, sometimes in the most odious manner, just for one of them to come out on the top of the heap. Some say this is necessary; that’s the way it’s been and always has been. Perhaps so, but it’s very possible that something much more important is being missed in the process.