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Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Appeal For Understanding

Through this epistle, which I now write, I wish to convey to all concerned the nature of my assistance to a daughter of mine who, thousands of miles away, with a daughter soon to be nine years of age, finds herself isolated, with no family members within easy distance, required to fend off the demeaning verbal attacks of an ex-husband who, through his narcissistic personality sees no worth in his former wife, drags her to court on trumped-up charges, and manipulates their daughter to make life as miserable as possible for his former spouse.
Throughout recorded history we see for the most part how women have been demoted to a position of servitude. Only in the brief period when the God-man Jesus Christ walked the earth, do we find women elevated to their proper place in the eyes of God. Religious leaders of Jesus’s time held women in low esteem. Jesus, though, always conducted himself with the greatest regard, understanding and love for women.
A woman, caught in adultery, was brought to Jesus by men who stated that the law required the woman to be stoned to death; “Let him who is without sin be the first to cast a stone” was the response of Jesus. The crowd drifted away until the woman stood alone before Jesus.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

We Need To Get It Right

Today is Easter Sunday. I was just looking at Fox News and Chris Wallace interviewing Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City. Wallace asked Bloomberg whether he would support unions in contrast to Governor Chris Christie in New Jersey, and Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin, who see unions as part of the economic problems facing us today. Bloomberg said he supported unions and that collective bargaining was a good thing. 
But in accessing the impact unions have today in our society, collective bargaining is not itself the problem. It is first the tendency unions have in coercing workers

Saturday, April 16, 2011

An American Story of Success and the American Dream

This story captures everything good about America and the kind of people it produces.

Today we hear so much about corruption in corporations, government, business, education, unions, ordinary people.  We seem to have lost our bearings.  Life, Liberty, the pursuit of happiness, Trust in God, from many one, Duty, Honor, Country, Freedom, Love of neighbor; to many these are just words.  Love of pleasure and concern for self have replaced them.  

This story is about a true American; what it means to be an American.  Here is hope, expressed by this American, that it is never too late to strive to be a success and to be a help to others.

This is a story that should be read by every young person at every stage of schooling to enlighten them about the true blessings of America.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh Civility, Where Have You Gone?

We should all remember the urgent cry by Obama and the Democrats for civility, especially on the part of the right, like Sarah Palin, for having in some way “targeted” representative Giffords in Arizona in January.   In the wake of the settlement just made to avoid a federal shutdown, the lack of civility on the part of Democrats in the House and Senate is appalling.

Nancy Pelosi accuses the GOP of “a war on women”. (1) 
Representative Elizabeth slaughter, a New York Democrat representative, declared that the Republicans are out to “kill women”. (2)
DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton angrily remarked:  “We are absolutely outraged.  This is the functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians,”  “It’s time that the District of Columbia told the Congress to go straight to hell,” (3)

These outrageous comments stem from Republican attempts to defund abortion, not because these legislators are trying to limit access to abortion, but because they believe tax payer money should not be used for these kinds of “women's rights”.

When one ponders the context in which these gratuitous and outlandish comments are made one hears that these congresswomen couch "women's rights" in terms of “women's health”. Thus the attempts of Republicans to remove tax funding is seen as an attack on the health of women and health care in particular, a complete obfuscation of the facts.

Democrat Sen. Patty Murray of the state of Washington has declared, as advocates for Planned Parenthood rallied at the Capitol, “We in the Senate are going to stand up,”   “We are not going to allow them to push us into taking away women’s right to health care access in order to keep the government funded.” (4)
I do not believe that these congresswomen, deep down, look at abortion as the killing of a child.  They use abortion as a tool which empowers them to hold sway over those, who have been deluded by a permissive education system which teaches that freedom stems from a life lived with a maximum of pleasure.  These same legislators subsequently mandate the provision of whatever is needed to handle the consequences, including abortion.  It is their way of ensuring that these misguided individuals will surely keep them in power.  This is why the Democrat party is guided by abortion - it is their prime source of power.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Response to Sarah's Statement on Defunding Planned Parenthood

It is worthless contacting my Congressional Representatives as suggested; living in the most socialist state of the union, Hawaii, with four Democrat congressional representatives who have never been able to envision an abortion they could not approve of, the only recourse for me is to make a public statement not only of my abhorrence of abortion, but also my objection to having my tax dollars used to foster this practice of barbarism.

Democrat leadership has unequivocally refused to consider the defunding of abortion as any part of a compromise on making cuts in the federal deficit. This is, in reality, an amazing position; but in truth reveals the moral depravity of our adversaries.

The issue here is not the elimination of the act of abortion itself but simply the elimination of tax money to be used by planned parenthood to perform abortions.  But to Obama Democrats such defunding is tantamount to the beginning of the outlawing of abortion.

This belief was vociferously argued by Obama himself when a senator; the issue then being whether to allow even palliative care for an aborted child still alive. Obama argued that allowing such care would be the first step in eliminating the right to abortion.

Those who love life must realize that compromise will never work when our adversaries believe that abortion is the major tool with which they ensure their power and control over a large part of our population whom they have, through decades, fooled into believing that the maximization of pleasure in their lives ensures their freedom.

Only by eliminating these control freaks through the ballot box will we make real headway in bringing our society back to an understanding that our families will experience real, meaningful freedom when, with the help of God, they see alternatives to misguided solutions such as abortion.

Sarah has made a good appeal for such a transformation in beliefs.  Let us hope, through the grace of God, that this transformation be made quickly, but certainly in His time.

Philip Moore

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To all those who love Sarah Palin

To all those who love Sarah Palin,
A friend of mine wrote me a letter a few days ago decrying the horrible treatment given Sarah Palin and each of her family members by people devoid of any character traits ascribable to a descent human being.  She could not comprehend why these people hated her so.
Upon some sober reflection, is it not quite understandable why sarah Palin, a woman,  is so hated?  Singlehandedly she has revealed and utterly destroyed the carefully laid plans her haters had so carefully built to bring about, at the appointed time, the destruction of America;  this especially graced woman has, like no other man or woman, understood, exposed and utterly destroyed those immense castles in the air, hidden amidst the clouds, which, like Pandora's Box were to unleash all the evils of statism upon an unwary people.  
Sarah Palin has done more than any other single individual in bringing about the needed climate for transforming fear into courage, hesitation into determination, servitude into service and acceptance into revolution on the part of those wanting to “take back America”.  If and when, through God’s grace, we do take back America, it will be by her earthly hand, in concert with heavenly power, accomplished; whether or not she ever becomes president.  She is ever to be recognized the true spirit of our time, ever suffering, ever loving, ever the unquenchable fire of love of America and her people.
Love to all,
Phil Moore

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Great Battle

We are immersed in the great battle of the ages. The battle is between the kingdom of God and the great beast of godlessness and murder. It is the battle between the last great remnants of the Judeo-Christian world and the beast who enslaves women and devours their children. It is the battle between the forces of truth who yet trust in God and the masters of deceit who trust in the power of the beast. 
As it comes down to us in America, in a very short time comes the first skirmish. The forces for good must be willing to destroy those edifices of power which the godless have fooled so many people into believing, will bring them freedom.
But true freedom comes only to those who trust in God. Will the forces for good do what is necessary to bring down these edifices of power so long entrenched in a governmental system originally designed, through God's help, to bring about the best in the American people; a system designed to serve as an example of good for the rest of the world? 
Only time will tell. But whether or not America is to survive as a model of the greatest nation ever seen in the history of the world, one thing is certain. The forces of the kingdom of God will prevail against the forces of the beast, for it is written: “the gates of hell shall not prevail ...” and furthermore, the head of the beast will be crushed by the heel of the woman.