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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Real Economics versus Phony Obama Economics

In the following Fox news interview of an accountant and a CEO of a business, a tape of Obama speaking to an audience at the White House is played a number of times.   On the first showing Obama says “raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires, using the pre-Bush tax cut rates, will raise hundreds of billions of dollars and solve the debt crisis”.  
Upon hearing this the CEO says raising taxes on those whose income is over $250,000 using pre-Bush tax cut rates would bring in only $82 billion assuming those taxed did not change their business habits after the raise; in addition some of the businesses might fail and others would not be able to hire new employees.  
Note how clever but dishonest Obama is, in saying millionaires and billionaires, surely knowing full well he is fooling people who think he means those whose income is in the millions and billions, not realizing his definition of millionaire is one with income exceeding $250,000.  Then in a matter of seconds Obama himself proves this point by saying “the 98% of taxpayers who earn less than $250,000 will not have their taxes raised at all (and he emphasizes this point).  It’s not clear if he realizes he has just in effect said that the 2% earning more than $250,000 are the millionaires and the billionaires.  But no matter, Obama must really think that a significant majority of people are dumb and won’t catch the misleading play on words.
The truth is that about 27 million small business owners who would be hit by this tax are operating on a razor thin profit margin of about 3%; Profit = (income minus expenses which can be substantial if employees are hired).  Thus, barring any kind of relief, his profit margin becomes too low to continue, leading to business failure or having to reduce the number of employees, which in turn leads to decreased production and smaller income.  Eventually a lower income may mean the businessman may not be able to pay fixed or possibly rising costs to maintain his family and the business, leading to another business failure and jobs lost by his employees.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"The Tea Party Can Go Straight to Hell"

The chair of the national Democratic party headlined a small rally in Florida a few days ago for Planned Parenthood, in what is the latest event having Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz working with the abortion business.  Schultz tweeted about the rally afterwards — providing a picture and saying she was “with Rep. Red Deutch at the Planned Parenthood rally in south Florida. We are truly fighting for women’s lives. This is personal.”

Don't be at all surprised about Debbie Wasserman Schultz chairing an event for Planned Parenthood. The Democrat Party is all about abortion; it is their means of attaining and keeping power. Since Margaret Sanger introduced the idea of ridding America of the "inferior" black race, the Democrats have rushed headlong into doing just that with the unbelievable sanctioning of the leading black politicians , who care not for their own race but care only for power, by dumbing down their own people.

Caught in a clamoring host of African Americans accusing Obama and Congresswoman Maxine Waters of not doing their jobs, she finally resorted to Democrat blame tactics.  Her outrageous outburst of  "The Tea Party Can Go Straight to Hell" distracted these poor people from the true problem of the Black Democratic Leadership selling out their own race for political gain.

These Black Democrat leaders have become the modern slave-masters of their own race, held in the new plantation bondage of welfare handouts; in union with their White, non-black Democrat Party leadership they have become the "White" racists against the Black African-American people of America. Sadly, these beautiful Black Americans, like those who had come to protest to Waters, must again be freed from bondage!  The problem is: how to get them to realize they are in bondage?

The Real Problem in America

The poignant comments on the real problem in America of a friend on another site, "Freedom Works", reveals the long-standing deterioration of the American Dream injected into Americans long ago in our Revolution.  For over a century demagogues of both political parties, but of far greater numbers within the Democrat party, have been responsible for hoodwinking our citizens into believing that government is our real god who will give us all we need.  But we have been responsible for losing our faith and trust in God and instead putting our faith and trust in flesh and blood.  The result is chaos, confusion and immorality as it always has been.

Immorality shows its most ugly head in the degradation of women.  The everyday portrayal of women as objects of sexual gratification for men has become acceptable not only by men but by women who see themselves not as victims of this degradation but as ones who now have become free to prostitute themselves if desired or feel liberated from the role of child bearing by abortion.

The seeming focus of some Conservative and Republican "thinkers" that social issues such as these abuses of women should be downplayed in the election of 2012 reveals in them a myopic view of what has gone wrong in America.  To view the crisis in America as involving primarily the economy, money, debt and finances, is to wrest defeat from victory in 2012.

Do these events, some already in operation, passed by congress or dictated by executive fiat involve pure economics?

• A panel of 12 elite people deciding who gets what medical care if any, who gets paid, and how much.
• A small business limited in what it can produce, and limited in the means and materials of production.
• A radio station is closed down because of transmission of ideas deemed undesirable for people.
• Government agencies determining where businesses may or may not locate.
• Citizens critical of government policies and politicians fined or imprisoned.
• Citizens imprisoned or fined for displaying patriotic or religious symbols anywhere.
• Property seized for political reasons without compensation.
• A citizen denied a job unless payment of union dues made.
• An agency denying water rights to farmers in order to protect fish habitats.

An analysis of the above events, all of which are happening now or have already taken place at some time, should make us realize that loss of personal freedoms under a godless society far outweighs in importance any kind of financial loss.

Without the restoration of our trust in God, putting new politicians into office to replace the old will not give us our country back unless what we desire to get back is a complete reformation of our society based on laws, policies, institutions and politicians reflecting a deep love, respect and trust in God.

Monday, August 29, 2011

America Needs a Revival

The following is a response of mine to a Pastor who is calling for the type of religious "revival" America has seen several times through it's history; The site on which this Pastor gave his recommendation is "Freedom Works" which I have very recently joined:

When I first joined this site a few days ago it seemed as though, looking at the issues list, that this was going to be strictly a political site with no room for what you are suggesting is a dire need for us to “get our country back”. We as a people are in need of a moral reformation; to just remove the bad president and legislators we have come 2012, without such a reformation, we will not accomplish what we earnestly need.

I do believe that it is the women of America who must bring about this needed reformation. The horrible degradation of women brought about by those who look upon women as mere sex objects for the gratification of men; and who think that giving women wholesale freedom to prostitute themselves as many men do is a liberating lifestyle; and who have taught women the solution to unwanted childbearing is brought about by eliminating the child, have brought about the near destruction of the family which is the fundamental social construct within any healthy society.

The abandonment of social policies and government agencies which relegate the necessity of the love of, the need for and the trust in God to a position of irrelevance is an essential task. The department of education, the EPA and a host of other departments and agencies have with their growth stymied the efforts of good people to create a good life for themselves and their families and their communities.

Only a transformation from a secular society which has been calling for the casting aside of a belief in God who alone is the proper guide for a people wanting to bring good in their families and society will bring us back to the America that has been the beacon of freedom for the entire world.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Obama is UNPATRIOTIC! Who says? He does!

You all have heard of the expression "the pot calling the kettle black" used to express someone judging another to be guilty of some wrong when that someone is guilty of the same wrong.  For the current president Obama (May the blessings of the great Oh-No be upon him in 2012) to say, while campaigning in 2008, that President Bush was "unpatriotic" for increasing the debt 4 Trillion dollars during his eight years in office, while Obama has done as much in two years in office, is in effect Obama playing the role of the black "pot", having called Bush, the black "kettle".   Both guilty, but Obama, who presumably knew better is even more guilty.  The following clip brings it out in beautiful relief:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Confirmation of Essay #6 in Proverbs

It is worthwhile to see in Scripture how the word of God describes what constitutes a good marriage. In Proverbs chapter 31, advice is given to one of the Jewish kings by his mother, confirming what must be done to be a good husband and what constitutes a good and capable wife.   King Lemuel's mother says to him:

•   Don't spend all your energy on sex and all your money on women; they have destroyed Kings.
•   Kings should not drink wine or have a craving for alcohol.
•   When they drink, they forget the laws and ignore the rights of the people in need.
•   Finding a capable wife is worth far more than jewels!
•   Put your confidence in her, and you will never be poor.

The capable wife:
•   As long as she lives, she does her husband good and never harm.
•   She speaks with a gentle wisdom.
•   She is always busy and looks after her family's needs.
•   She provides food and clothing for her family.
•   Her children show their appreciation, and her husband praises her.
•   She is a hard worker, strong and industrious.
•   She is strong and respected and not afraid of the future.
•   Her husband is well known, one of the leading citizens.
•   She is generous to the poor and needy.
•   She knows that charm is deceptive and beauty disappears.
•   But a woman who honors the Lord should be praised.
•   She should be given credit for all she does.
•   She deserves the respect of everyone.

I have taken some liberties in making minor changes and omissions in the original text of the Proverb without, I hope, altering the original meaning.  Thanks go to Ervin of Team Sarah who suggested my connecting with this proverb which so beautifully describes the mutual respect a husband and wife must have for one another to make their marriage successful and productive in God's Kingdom on earth.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Essay #6 on Respect for Women - The True Worth of a Woman in Marriage

In Genesis, Christ reminds us of the true meaning and worth of marriage: God created man and woman who are to leave their mother and father and unite as one; and what God has brought together as one, must not be separated.
But God created man and woman, having not only different physical aspects, but also different mental, emotional and psychological aspects. The man is single focused and must use his strength and power to provide for the good of his family and for the good of the community in which he finds himself. His lifelong battle is to stay focused on the good he can provide; he must battle against the innate desire for companionship and union with other women.
The woman on the other hand is not single focused but is concerned with many situations and problems that arise within the family; her battle is not to get lost in a seeming overload of emotions in dealing with these many difficulties. The good  woman learns to do this while being provided the security and safety she needs from a well focused man.
A man can awaken to a day filled with anxiety and feelings of worthlessness. When this happens the good woman, in her respect and love for the man reassures him of his worth, of his goodness, reminding him of all the good that he has done within the family, for the family and the community outside of the family. In a case such as this a man is brought back to his original focus and sense of worthiness.
But if the woman is not capable or willing to respect and reassure the man, or if the man is unable to understand the reassurance of the woman, he may yield to his weakness, seeking the affection of other women, even in prostitution, to try to restore his true focus. On the other hand, if the man does not yield to these instinctive desires, and lacking a woman who, perhaps having yielded to her weakness of being controlled by her emotions, may criticize and nag the man to such an extent that the man is not removed from his darkness in the way that God intended, the good man has no other recourse but to turn to God in weeping and confusion, asking for help in restoring his focus. The good man will receive instant assistance from the Lord, if he prays with faith, truly believing that what he asks for will be done for him.
The good woman who receives from the man the love and respect due her, along with the security and safety of the entire family, is best capable of winning her battle to keep her emotions under control. If the man does not provide these things for the woman and if she does not, in turn, seek these things from another man, she likewise will turn to the Lord for help which she gets immediately when she prays as Jesus instructs us, to pray believing that what we ask for will be done for us.
One of the best examples in history of a good man and a good woman in marriage that comes to mind is St. Margaret of Scotland, who having come up from Hungary in the time of the Norman conquest of England by William of Normandy in 1066, journeyed to Scotland and married Malcolm, the King of Scotland. She loved and provided for the poor and provided the love and respect for her husband, becoming the mother of three sons who became kings.  Her love was reciprocated by Malcolm in wanting to do whatever she asked for; she died within days of his being killed in battle.
There are probably many examples of good marriages as the above where the woman, seemingly in the background and having no other effect than taking care of the family concerns, is in reality the prime mover of good accomplished through her man, by her respect for and reassurance of his worthiness and goodness in his moments of darkness.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

ASTOUNDING but isn't it just the way it is?

Well, what can one say?  Today in Yahoo sports, a writer talks about the unbelievable scandal involving just about everyone in the University of Miami Athletic Department and the Hurricanes football team: money, booze, parties, yachts, plush mansions, sex, abortion.  The writer exclaims in paragraph after paragraph of tawdry acts the NCAA threat of the "death penalty".

Now of course everyone knows what that means, right?  Well... I do not know what that means except that it's going to be pretty bad for Miami; you know, really bad like dropping a nuke on the campus or exploding a nuke above them and wiping out all their communications with the EMP!

Of course everyone who reads my blog knows what an EMP is; why there were 2 hits on that post!  So I left this message as a comment on Yahoo:
You must think we are all studs and know everything about American football and the NCAA and all its rules.
BUTT we are not; SOOOO.....if you even know, would you be so kind and define "death penalty" in the context of the most terrible punishment that could be given University of Miami and/or any of its entrails? Nothing worse than a writer who makes unwarranted assumptions about his readers.
Well, that this comment will be simply received with distain and a guffaw or two there is no doubt in my mind, but what do you think, my audience?  Is this writer, yours truly, as my Dad would say, too harsh on this sportswriter?

Oh, and the other astonishing point, already subtly alluded to above, is the apparent negligible reaction to a really serious and potential, if not probable, EMP attack outlined (with even my expert video, made by my little own hands) in my last post "What the Blazes is EMP?"

To me the EMP attack is of vital concern and I expected numerous comments; but realistically, being a physicist and mathematician, my degree of concern is understandable.  However, let me share with you my reaction to an electrical power outage of several hours or more which has nothing to do with my knowledge of physics, but more with my feeling of being stripped of control over a convenience I'm sure we have all come to regard as an essential part of our existence; no lights, no television, no radio, no music, until the power comes back on.

But imagine, in addition to the above, no flashlight working, no machines, no digital clocks, no automobiles, no busses, no trains, no planes, absolutely nothing that depended on electricity rendered inoperable - permanently; just think of only those conveniences available to people of the 14th Century and that is what we would have after an EMP attack.

Scary, but after all the earthquakes, floods, fires, extreme high and low temperatures, tsunamis, tornados, oil spills, sand storms, murders, kidnappings, home invasions, riots, fair ground collapses from high wind, and not to forget the brainless Administration in Washington doing their best to destroy this country with cries of more spending and taxing; it's not unreasonable not to have to endure another fear, the EMP.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What the blazes is EMP? You must learn; your life may depend on it!

Before the Lights Go Out: A Survey of EMP Preparedness Reveals
Significant Shortfalls
By James Jay Carafano, Ph.D. , Baker Spring and Richard Weitz, Ph.D.
August 15, 2011
Abstract: An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) over the United States could end modern life in America overnight. Whether caused by an enemy attack (a nuclear device detonated above the atmosphere) or by a natural phenomenon (a geomagnetic storm), an EMP can cause entire regions of the country to lose electricity—permanently. Despite the EMP Commission’s recommendations in 2004 and 2008, hardly any progress has been made in protecting the country from an EMP attack and its catastrophic results. The U.S. must prepare to deal with an EMP—now.

This is a dire warning and must not be ignored; please feel free to pass on this information and movie to friends, neighbors and others. This stuff is for real and you can get the entire 20 page report using the link at the end of this post. Below is just a short bit of physics you might find useful in understanding the EMP.

My teaching fields are Mathematics and Physics. In Physics we study Light which is explained in terms of waves called electromagnetic waves. No matter what kinds of waves we talk about we use three mathematical terms: frequency, wavelength and velocity or speed which are interrelated by a formula.

While light waves are not seen, water waves are easy to see, especially at the beach and so serve as a good example to understand these terms. The distance between successive water wave crests is the wavelength of the wave. The number of crests passing a fixed point every second is called the wave frequency while the distance traveled by a crest every second is called the velocity of the wave. Distance is commonly expressed in feet or meters.

The first source of light we all experience is sunlight. The sun is approximately 93,000,000 (93 million) miles away; light waves from the sun travel at 186,000 miles in one second which is called the speed of light and is very fast! Interestingly, a quick calculation results in a time of 8 and 1/3 minutes it takes light to reach us from the sun. So the light we see at a quick glance at the sun left the sun 8 1/3 minutes before! The light we "see" from the sun is not close to half the story.

There are many different wavelengths (or correspondingly many different frequencies) of "light" we cannot see; all have the same nature and together are called ElectroMagnetic waves or ElectroMagnetic radiation. We use the term radiation from the sun when we experience the warmth from the sun and with too much exposure, sunburn! So the sun radiates radio waves, microwaves, heat or infrared waves, visible light, ultraviolet waves, X-rays and gamma rays; the use of ray instead of wave is a result of the history or time of discovery of the particular type of radiation, which has resulted in a dual nature for EM radiation: ray or wave.

With this short physics lesson hopefully the little movie which now follows might assist understanding of the EMP or ElectroMagnetic Pulse

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bachmann Interview on "Fox News Sunday"

Chris Wallace does a hard hitting interview of Michelle Bachmann, the day after this Conservative Republican Congresswoman wins the straw poll in Ames, Iowa.  She responds in a forthright "I say what I mean and mean what I say" manner, speaking from the heart and without notes.  She is the genuine front runner who spells out the need for reforms that are going to be tough to put in place but shows the determination to work with anyone and everyone who sees the problems in our country brought on, over many decades, by entrenched politicians who care less about what's right for the American People and more about personal power, influence and reelection.

Although Wallace repeatedly tries to get Bachmann to say that compromise would be needed as President and taxes would have to be raised,  Bachmann shows an understanding that revenues needed to pay for  essentials should come from cutting unnecessary expenses, which means downsizing the government; for example the Education Department, created by the Carter Administration, should be eliminated and let the States handle education.  Here alone the cost savings would be enormous - no need to raise taxes.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bachmann wins but you wouldn't know from

Yesterday was an exciting day for conservative Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who won the straw poll in Ames, Iowa, closely followed by libertarian Republican Ron Paul, a perennial candidate for president. On the Internet, I went to Fox to see if I could find a video I had seen earlier in which former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee interviewed Bachman;  Gov. Huckabee always gives a good interview and it showed Congresswoman Bachmann in her best spirits, showing her knowledge and strength as a credible candidate for president.

I could not find this particular video nor could I find any video made of Bachman being interviewed by anyone else after she won the straw poll; there were any number of other candidates and even the brand-new entry into the presidential race, Rick Perry, from Texas, who had been interviewed and their videos were available.  I found this to be very disappointing on the part of Fox News which, in effect, gave short shrift to this fine candidate who actually won the straw poll.

Nonetheless, I found a video which at least announced Michelle Bachmann's victory. I also found several videos of former governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin being interviewed by Sean Hannity. Sarah Palin is just a delightful warm, intelligent, knowledgeable person, who has not as yet announced her candidacy for president but is still considering it. She has been ridiculed and vilified by the Democrat Left as well as would-be conservative Republicans, jealous of her honesty and commitment to Christian moral principles. In spite of this we see in these videos a vital and vibrant person who loves the American people and wants to help them and not just herself. If she runs for the presidency she will make an excellent president; she knows what needs to be done to correct the damage of the tyranny of the Obama Democrats and has the courage to do it.

The last video is of the lieutenant governor of Iowa, a young, charming and delightful woman who is knowledgeable and articulate; it was a surprise to me to find this young and lovely person in the capacity of a lieutenant governor having important responsibilities, but listening to her, it was quite apparent she certainly can handle the job. It is my opinion that these women and many others like them, new to the game of politics, are going to be the saviors of our Country. It is they who can cut through the BS and the stodginess of so many politicians currently in office who have been part of the problem and don't acknowledge it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The New Hungarian Constitution - Excerpts

What is most fascinating in reading these following excerpts from the Hungarian Constitution is the realization that Hungary has learned a valuable lesson in being subjugated by the Nazis and the Communists; their Constitution reflects their determination to live as a free people under a free market system and as a Christian Nation respecting all other religions.

America, unfortunately, seems to be going in the opposite direction, towards Socialism and Nihilism.  At a time when America proclaims the right of a woman to have an abortion, Hungary sees the folly in this act of depopulating a nation that needs to preserve its Christian values and encourage married couples to have children; the definition of marriage is between a man and a woman.  The child in the womb has a right to life from the moment of conception.  Is it possible for America to learn from Hungary?

Just as a Hawaiian is a person who is a descendant of some Hawaiian, any child of a Hungarian citizen is a Hungarian citizen. Since my wife is from Hungary and born of Hungarian parents, my daughters and grandchildren are Hungarian citizens.  Will there be a day I will be more proud of their Hungarian citizenship than their American citizenship?  I hope that day never arrives, but we have a great deal of work to do to save our America.

Fundamental Law of Hungary 

‘O Lord, blessed be the Hungarian nation’

National Avowal of Faith 

We agree with the members of the first freely-elected Parliament, whose first resolution declares that our freedom has its roots in the Revolution of 1956.At the dawn of a new millennium, we MEMBERS OF THE HUNGARIAN NATION declare the following, with a bond of duty to all Hungarians:

We are proud that one thousand years ago our king, Saint Stephen, based the Hungarian State on solid foundations, and made our country a part of Christian Europe.

We are proud of our ancestors, who fought for the survival, freedom and independence of our country. We are proud of the outstanding intellectual achievements of the Hungarian people.

We are proud that this people fought in defense of Europe for many centuries and, through its talent and diligence, has contributed to the enrichment of the common European heritage.

We acknowledge the role Christianity has played in preserving our nation. We respect all our country’s religious traditions.

We promise to preserve the intellectual and spiritual unity of our nation, torn apart by the storms of the past century. We consider the nationalities and ethnic groups living in Hungary to be constituent parts of the Hungarian nation.

We pledge to cherish and preserve our heritage: the Hungarian culture, our unique language, and the man-made and natural riches of the Carpathian Basin. We recognize a bond of duty towards our nation’s future generations; we shall therefore strive to preserve and enhance the circumstances of those who come after us by sound management of our material, intellectual and natural resources.


We do not recognize the legal continuity of the 1949 Communist “Constitution”, which laid the foundations for tyranny, and hence we declare it to be invalid.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bug off seat covers

Here is what has made our country great; this guy gets an idea from his bugged marital partner to ensure she won't get bugged anymore.  It's still possible to be creative as this gent shown us, but if Obama get's his way it would take years for our "Bug Off" friend to get a license permitting him to establish a business.  We would, all of us, be perpetually bugged.  Vote Republican next year and vote Bugs Obama OUT!

Something else needs to be said about Obama and his cronies; Obama is seeking to destroy our free market system by spending and raising taxes.  Listen to him: he says it all the time and yet all the smart pundits don't see this, or they see it and are afraid to admit it out loud.  But really it's that they don't see the EVIL intent of Obama and his gang of mindless lemming-like Democrats.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tempest In a Teapot

Governor Huckabee is publishing a series of educational cartoon videos to try to explain in simple ways the battles we are fighting to save our nation from terrorists.  The first of these is titled  "9-11 And the War On Terror" which is available for purchase, at $9.95.  The former Arkansas governor, who has an excellent show on Fox News,  is being fiercely criticized by the Left for trying to make money off the tragedy of 9-11.  Below is a trailer for the first video in the series.

The Left really does not want terrorism explained to people as something that is a threat to America so they do not attack the content of the video; the Left hates America and wants the focus to be on how they claim America has been the enemy of underprivileged peoples around the world.  But they cannot easily sell this idea;
the Left has learned that if they destroy the character of individuals who promote the truth about the tyranny of the Left, they can more easily defeat their enemy: character assassination!  We are seeing a great deal of such assassinations going on and more are on their way.

Trying to make others believe Governor Huckabee is interested only in making money is their ploy.  It takes money to produce these videos and the profits can be minimal and even given to charities connected with the survivors of 9-11.  However, the Left wants no individual enterprise; their socialist mode of operation is to, through a series of 5 year plans where the state decides what workers should do, in turn, provide for the needs of all.

It never works.  Through centuries it has been tried but never works; but for those who believe man alone can provide a utopian existence for himself, they keep trying and failing.  Without a belief in God, Who alone can provide for His human creatures a life worth living, they will never learn; they will never succeed.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tea Party Kept Us From Being Downgraded to BBB

Santelli takes the words right out of my mouth.  We need more of these kind of rants.  As for the character who tries to argue for increased revenues to solve the problem, he, like Michael Moore, knows increased taxes come from hard working citizens like you and me (and not them) and like Obama says WE (not his Democrat abortion-loving cronies) all have to invest and pay our fair share even if we have to be FORCED or MANDATED to do so.

 I vote for Liberty under God in whom I trust.  How about you?

Monday, August 8, 2011

America, the Church, Abortion and Tyranny

Today at Mass the sermon dealt with the occasion of Christ walking on the water toward the boat tossed about by the wind and waves; the disciples in the boat were terrified and thought that Jesus was a ghost. Jesus assured them that it was He and they should not be afraid. The ever daring Peter, on the invitation of Jesus, stepped out of the boat and walked towards Jesus; as usual, Peter's daring was not sufficient to overcome his fear and Jesus had to save him from sinking into the sea. "Oh you of little faith", Jesus said to Peter, "why did you doubt?"

The pastor giving this sermon used this event to encourage his parishioners to pray to God with confidence that he will answer their prayers. In particular he asked them to pray that the financial position of the parish, which over the years had come to a point where the weekly collections were not sufficient to pay all expenses. Of course this sort of appeal is made from time to time in any church. The pastor mentioned that in the recent past the church had lost 400 elderly parishioners who passed away, many of whom had been loyal contributors. It came to mind that our particular parish did not have a good number of young couples with children.

As I sat thinking about this after the sermon, many things came to mind. Historically Catholic immigrants coming to America gravitated toward the Democratic Party while Protestants gravitated towards the Republican Party. In the past nearly 100 years the progressives, those who tended to seek reform on a secular basis dominated the Democratic Party; many of the Catholics adhered to these reforms which were close to the ideals of Catholic teaching. During the 1960s and 1970s many Catholics within the church and the Democratic Party were drawn to the false promises of feminist progressives that abortion would bring about freedom from the burdens of childbearing while not limiting the pleasures of sexual gratification.

At first the Church vigorously fought against the killing of babies within the womb, but like Peter, the difficulty of maintaining a posture of determination, without God's help, has led them slowly to sink into the waves. To be sure there are many within the Catholic Church who see abortion as a great travesty; the Catholic Church condemns abortion unequivocally.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Lou Dobbs Tonight"

This video showing Lou Dobbs of Fox News Business interviewing Republican Representative Gohmert of Texas on April 13, 2011 is interesting in retrospect to understand what was being considered on the Democrat side of the Senate by Harry Reid and Charles Schumer before the vote was taken on raising the debt ceiling, a few days ago, to avert a shutdown of the Government.  We are fortunate to have journalists like Dobbs reporting truth instead of the distortions of truth heard on media outlets ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and the like.

Can it be said that America has a "free press" when that press is so dominated by the Democrat Left?  Can we honestly say we have a functioning two party system when every single Democrat in House and Senate can be manipulated into voting strictly for Leftist causes?