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The New Hungarian Constitution - Excepts of Vital Interest

What is most fascinating in reading these excerpts is the realization that Hungary has learned a valuable lesson in being subjugated by the Nazis and the Communists; their constitution reflects their determination to live as a free people under a free market system and as a Christian Nation respecting all other religions.

America, unfortunately, seems to be going in the opposite direction, towards Socialism and Nihilism.  At a time when America proclaims the right of a woman to have an abortion, Hungary sees the folly in this act of depopulating a nation that needs to preserve its Christian values and encourage married couples to bear children; the definition of marriage is between a man and a woman.  The child in the womb has a right to life from the moment of conception.  Is it possible for America to learn from Hungary?

Just as a Hawaiian is a person who is a descendant of some Hawaiian, any child of a Hungarian citizen is a Hungarian citizen.  Since my wife is from Hungary and born of Hungarian parents, my daughters and grandchildren are Hungarian citizens.  Will there be a day I will be more proud of their Hungarian citizenship than their American citizenship?  I hope that day never arrives, but we have a great deal of work to do to save our America.

Fundamental Law of Hungary 

‘O Lord, blessed be the Hungarian nation’

National Avowal of Faith 

We agree with the members of the first freely-elected Parliament, whose first resolution declares
that our freedom has its roots in the Revolution of 1956.At the dawn of a new millennium, we MEMBERS OF THE HUNGARIAN NATION declare the following, with a bond of duty to all Hungarians:

We are proud that one thousand years ago our king, Saint Stephen, based the Hungarian State on
solid foundations, and made our country a part of Christian Europe.

We are proud of our ancestors, who fought for the survival, freedom and independence of our
country. We are proud of the outstanding intellectual achievements of the Hungarian people.

We are proud that this people fought in defense of Europe for many centuries and, through its
talent and diligence, has contributed to the enrichment of the common European heritage.

We acknowledge the role Christianity has played in preserving our nation. We respect all our
country’s religious traditions.

We promise to preserve the intellectual and spiritual unity of our nation, torn apart by the storms
of the past century. We consider the nationalities and ethnic groups living in Hungary to be
constituent parts of the Hungarian nation.

We pledge to cherish and preserve our heritage: the Hungarian culture, our unique language, and
the man-made and natural riches of the Carpathian Basin. We recognize a bond of duty towards
our nation’s future generations; we shall therefore strive to preserve and enhance the circumstances of those who come after us by sound management of our material, intellectual and natural resources.


We do not recognize the legal continuity of the 1949 Communist “Constitution”, which laid the
foundations for tyranny, and hence we declare it to be invalid.

We proclaim that the self-determination of our State, lost on 19 March 1944, was restored on 2
May 1990, with the formation of our first freely-elected representative body. That is the day we
consider to be the beginning of a new democracy and constitutional order for our country.

We proclaim that, after the moral defeats of the twentieth century, our need for spiritual and
intellectual renewal is paramount.


Article A
The name of OUR COUNTRY shall be Hungary.

Article B
(1) Hungary shall be an independent and democratic State under the rule of law.
(2) The form of government of Hungary shall be that of a republic.
(3) The source of power shall be the people.
(4) The people shall exercise their power through their elected representatives, and also directly
in exceptional cases.

Article C
(1) The functioning of the Hungarian State shall be based on the principle of the separation of

(2) No one’s activities may be directed at the acquisition or exercise of power by violent means,
or at its exclusive possession. It shall be the right and obligation of all to resist such activities
by lawful means.

(3) Only the organs of the State shall have the right to employ coercive force, in order to enforce the Fundamental Law or any other law.


(1) The child of a Hungarian citizen shall be a Hungarian citizen by birth. A cardinal Act of
Parliament may specify other grounds for the origin or acquisition of Hungarian citizenship.


(1) The national holidays of Hungary shall be the following:
a) the 15th day of March, commemorating the Revolution and War of Independence of  1848 / 1849;
b) the 20th day of August, commemorating the foundation of the State and its founder and first king,     ....Saint Stephen;
c) the 23rd day of October, commemorating the Revolution and War of Independence of  1956.
....The official state holiday shall be the 20th day of August.

Article K
(1) Hungary shall protect the institution of marriage, understood to be the conjugal union of a man and a woman based on their independent consent; Hungary shall also protect the institution of the family, which it recognises as the basis for survival of the nation.
(2) Hungary shall promote the commitment to have and raise children.
(3) The protection of families shall be regulated by a cardinal Act of Parliament.

Article L
(1) The economy of Hungary shall be based upon work which creates value, and upon freedom
of enterprise.
(2) Hungary shall ensure the conditions of fair economic competition, act against the abuse of a
dominant economic position and protect the rights of consumers.

Article M
(1) Hungary shall enforce the principle of balanced, transparent and sustainable management of
the budget.


Article II
Human dignity shall be inviolable. Everyone shall have the right to life and human dignity; the life of the foetus shall be protected from the moment of conception.

Source of complete draft of the Hungarian Constitution: