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Monday, May 30, 2011

On Respect for Women Essay #2 (Revisited/Revised) - Who's Boss?

Let's begin by considering the Triune God:  God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.  In the New Testament (John's gospel in particular), Christ always humbles himself to the Father :  Christ does what the Father wills; he does not do anything on his own, but only what the Father commands of Him.  Yet He is God.  Don't ask me where the Holy Spirit fits in this.  Yet there are THREE Persons.

In the union of a man and a woman in marriage there is a trinity.  God is the third person in that trinity; in other words the man, the woman and God compose the trinity within marriage.  This is the way God designed marriage.  We thus have a good example of how God has blessed the wonderful state of marriage.  In the Trinity there is Unity; each Person has a role. Each Person acts in Love, Humility and Harmony in accomplishing that role - The Eternal Plan of God.  Why should it be any different in the trinity of Marriage?

While in Genesis God assigns roles to our just fallen parents, this is not the whole story!  To say that God has made the man master over the woman is too simplistic an interpretation and yet this is exactly the interpretation that many still have of the man and the woman in marriage.  The genesis account deals not only with the roles of the man and the woman, who is to be subject to the man, but with the

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Writing on the subject Respect for Women is made difficult considering the wide range of the topic. This issue is of vital importance in our modern times; but we cannot separate the present from the past. Indeed the origin of woman and man as given us through Genesis is of great import.  During the long time from creation until the present, consideration must be given the effects on our subject of various cultures, ethnicities, religions, government and the various vicissitudes of life.

The topic of respect for women I have long wanted to write about but the right moment had not thrust itself upon me until just today when I read an article on Yahoo about women in Australia organizing a walk protesting the comment of a policeman suggesting that women would not be assaulted if they dressed more appropriately.  If you read the article I have posted with this essay you will see that some of the strong words have not been included in this writing.

Nonetheless it presents a valid point of discussion concerning the relative importance of how a woman's dress has an effect or not on the behavior of some men who might take sexual advantage of women. Not only how a person dresses, but how a person behaves based upon beliefs, which may or may not have a bearing on criminal actions taken upon women by men, needs to be investigated.

There is certainly a wide range of historical data which can help in evaluating not only what constitutes respect for women but how such respect can be fostered. To do this, giving consideration to what hopefully should be certain standards in the roles of women and men would certainly be helpful. On the other hand returning to a more fundamental belief in the true stature of woman influences my belief in a more theological explanation of this stature.

Adam and Eve were the first man and woman.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

They are afraid of Palin

They are afraid of Palin.  So says Rush Limbaugh.  It is difficult not to agree.  She's playing it smart; not like those who have been vicious in their attacks against her, trying to portray her as a dummy.  Rush points out that after a period of smarting at the brutal way she had been handled by the Democrats and even some Republicans of the elite type, she has come around to realizing, hey, that's politics and anyone who runs for the big one better put on the suit of armor and go out and fight.  That's precisely what she is doing in this bus tour.  She'll be ready for a bashing but she'll toss it right back;  she's a fighter and they are running scared.

She declares that Obama is beatable and makes no bones about it.  The really masterful way she is operating is unprecedented.  She hasn't declared.  She's on a bus tour.  She's two percentage points behind Romney in a Gallup poll.  She get's a following without declaring because people like her and know she is blunt and honest and determined to make this nation great again.

The great pundtis say no candidate can come into the race late because

Friday, May 27, 2011

Is Sarah Running? I dunno, but she's bussing up to new England

Whether Sarah is going to run or not is not certain but one thing is clear - there's more and more speculation about it.  Her bus ride up the New England Coast is letting the former British colonies, that formed the bulwark of support for the American Revolution back in the 1770's, know that now is the time for restoring those common sense beliefs in freedom from tyranny into a modern culture that has strayed significantly from those Revolutionary days.

One of her former aides in her years in Alaska before her resignation as Governor has written a spiteful book about Sarah's supposed roughshod ways in government in great contrast to the manner in which I believe she has handled herself as a caring, intelligent and honorable public servant.

The interesting point which can be drawn from this book, should there be any measure of truth in this aide's assertions, is that Sarah is one tough cookie - not the dummy detractors have tried to imply!  And that's precisely what is needed at this critical time!

Follow the tour on SarahPac by clicking on the link over to right of this article.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beck's Poker Game

We probably have all watched Glenn Beck on Fox News at one time or another. Most of the times I watch his show I come away concerned about a lot of things but just feel that I've gotten an overdose of information I just cannot digest. But last night he made things really simple.

He likened what is going on in the world today to a high stakes poker game. The participants are Soros, the Hungarian-born capitalist working with radicals to feather his nest;  Russia, ever so determined to be a major player in the world, making alliances with all kinds of communist regimes and with Iran; China, a very cautious player, with enormous wealth in gold;  And finally Islam with its faith in Allah as they see him.

Glenn points out that America is not seated at the table because it's just one of the cards being played (don't you get the feeling that we are being played with by our current government?).

Our King

And so, what is our King doing while the people of the South and Mid-West are dying by the hundreds, with the injured possibly in the thousands, with the loss of everything people had and now homeless; hospitals, schools, businesses totally ruined?

Why he's toasting with the Queen of England on May 24, 2008 as shown in the guest book of the anointed ones (asked about this mistake in the year, our King, always quick with a good response, was heard to say "what I have written, stays written").  Of course he saw his Irish relatives first and was made an honorary citizen; they should have made him honorary king but it's told they did'nt have a large enough crown to fit his swelled head.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Only fools say there is no God"

This scripture quote pertains to many in America today.  There are those who deny, those who claim they do not know and those who give lip service to the existence of God, a god who is far from their minds and hearts.  In our government are those whose deeds reveal a plan to destroy any vestiges of an American nation founded through a faith in a God of relevance and consequence in the lives of men and women He created; a faith mirrored in the Declaration and the Constitution. Fools they are, but fools who must be reckoned with.

Without a belief in a Creator who has gifted men and women with a Faith to know of and cooperate with His eternal plan of redemption and salvation, there will no longer be an America.  Corrupt politicians who would rather serve themselves than a God they cannot see, realizing this, have for decades taken over and transformed the institutions of government, instilling into the hearts and minds of Americans, especially the young, the siren song of a nihilism filled with a love of pleasure, self-engrandizment, wealth and a reliance on the State in place of God.

This situation has reached a level of urgency:  Forget the America of the past the say and reach out for the offerings of those who are better able to supply your needs in a society of peace, brotherhood, equality and justice, with plenty of bread and circuses.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hugh Hewitt's 50 reasons (so far) NOT to vote for Obama in 2012

There are so many vital issues out there that it is easy to get overwhelmed and just throw up one's hands and say to heck with it all; I had reached that point.  But then, hunting down Hugh Hewitt's website, I came across his great idea of  "The Obama Project" a listing of the multitude of disastrous actions taken by Obama in the past two and a half years of his occupation of the White House.  

Hugh started making up a list and asked his callers to his talk show two days ago to make their suggestions  (See link below).  He asks everyone who wants to contribute to reach him by email at :  Thus far he has collected 50 suggestions; he promises to revise and add more.  There should easily be a hundred or more good ones. 
One That I would like to add:  Throwing Israel Under the Bus.

Some time ago George Washington, our first President, was so revered that it was said of him, after he had cut down a cherry tree and was asked if he had done the deed, responded simply:  "Yes, I cannot tell a lie, I did it"

Today we have a President who, were he to be asked about some similar misdeed, would, I

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Real Culprits We Should be Railing Against

My Posted Response to an article,  "Insanity", in Tea Party Nation by Judson Phillips  May 11, 2011             (see below for link)

The New York Post and their Jihadist friends are not worth wasting words on when we see what the real arch criminals Obama, Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest of their fellow traveling Democrats in Congress are doing to this America and her people.
Case in point.  The Honolulu Advertiser just yesterday published an article:
 "About 4,500 expected to be cut from state Medicaid rolls"  
This wil save $75 million dollars over 2 years they say.  

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Murder in the Clinic

Murder in the Clinic:
As is my custom upon rising in the morning, I read a passage from the Gospels. This morning I read in Matthew's Gospel about the visitation of Kings from the East who had followed a star to find a newly born King. They consulted with Herod, the king, and were told the Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem.  After worshiping the Newborn Jesus, the visitors were warned not go back to Herod but instead to return home another way. Herod, jealous of a King who was to lead his people and not himself, was furious and sent out soldiers to kill all the little boys two years and younger to assure the killing of the Messiah. 
What a ghastly realization! To wantonly kill the Messiah of God through the killing of innocent newborns! Who could put into the heart of Herod such a desire but that ancient and sworn enemy of God from the beginning of time.
It is the same today.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My letter to a Democrat Legislator

Democrats Harass Black Woman, a Fellow Democrat Legislator for Voting Pro-Life

(Please read the following letter for what I believe to be the key reason)

Dear Daphne,

Just stick to your guns and don't let your fellow Democrats deter you from standing up for the lives of the unborn.  You are not alone, as I'm sure your Republican colleagues have let you know.
You are alone in only one respect; it is evident that over the last several decades the Democratic Party has relentlessly rooted out Pro-Life Democrats at all levels of the Party.  That this is so at the U.S. Congressional level is most evident.  Now you are supplying evidence that this is so at the State Legislative level - at least in Florida.  At least at this moment you are a member of a vanishing breed.
Several years ago on Fox News TV, a woman who was being interviewed, made what many would say is an astounding statement: "Support for Abortion motivates the Democratic Party."  The statement was made at the very end of the interview and I was unable to catch her name.  But I believe what she said then is absolutely true.
President Obama, before becoming president, made it clear that to support abortion means to allow no