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Friday, January 10, 2014


They speak about her dead body but she breaths with the help of a ventilator.  They speak about her corpse but her heart is beating.  They talk about her being deceased but she responds to touch with movements.  Spokespersons of Children’s Hospital Oakland have verbally expressed their opinion of the medical status of 13 year old Jahi McMath, in these above terms of Jahi being a dead person; their justification of using such language was their declaration that Jahi was brain dead after a tonsillectomy on December 9 followed by severe bleeding and cardiac arrest resulting in Jahi falling into a coma.  The decision on December 12 to declare her brain dead was immediately followed by the repeated use of words to mean that her entire body had died and that she was nothing more than a dead body.

The hospital wanted the ventilator shut off because she had “died”.  Her family protested and wanted Jahi to be given a feeding tube and a breathing tube and Jahi nourished with food, water and oxygen when needed to allow for time to assess her progress.  The hospital refused, contributing to the health of her “dead body” slowly deteriorating.  

Fortunately a judge granted, until January 7, Jahi’s mother the right to transfer Jahi to another facility willing to take care of her, giving the family a chance to see how well Jahi would do in a positive and caring facility, but her mother must take full responsibility.  With the quiet help of Right to Life organizations, the family successfully transferred Jahi to such a facility on January 5 (the name and location of the facility kept secret).

At first, doctors at this new facility observed that Jahi’s body was deteriorating because of the long time during which Jahi received no nourishment; but on the evening of January 8, after implantation of feeding and breathing tubes, her bodily heath started improving.  Jahi continued to improve on January 9 and Jahi’s mother, Nailah Winkfield, prayed and hoped for her daughter’s recovery.

There are countless examples of persons in a coma waking up in weeks, months and even years, after doctors had claimed the person to be brain dead and had recommended all attempts to use life sustaining equipment such as ventilators be not employed; even food and water to nourish the body with food and water had been recommended to be terminated.  Loving family members had rejected their recommendations resulting in, with patience and love, the recovery of their loved ones.

So the false theory that being brain dead means the person is deceased has been demonstrated to be false.  These same doctors wait until the body ceases all activity with no nourishment given until the body truly dies, thus invalidating their theory that brain death means body death.  Their beliefs are outrageous!

Hopefully there will always be someone like a judge who allows such a person like Jahi to be transferred from a hospital with a negative death attitude toward patients in comas to a hospital assuming that “brain death” does not imply “body death” and are willing to allow, at the very least, nourishment from food and water with the expectation that keeping the body in good health gives the brain time to heal itself.

That’s what has happened in the brains of those who have awakened from a coma.

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