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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Offering to Help

After meeting the new executive director of a Care and Counseling Center in Hawaii whose mission is to help women with their problems of pregnancy, I wrote a letter giving her my background and offering my help and experience:

It was a joy and honor to meet you at the Pregnancy Counseling Banquet Saturday evening. I commend you for your belief that to fight the present culture of legalized murder of an unwanted unborn child, requires not just focusing energies on saving the child; it is vital to focus equally on the problems of women with problem pregnancies that may result in abortion. 

The Supreme Court decision Roe vs Wade in 1973 focused mostly on inventing the right of women in all the 50 states to abort their unwanted child; restrictions on abortion based on the gestation age of the child and reasons of the woman wanting an abortion were made of no use by the passage of a companion decision Doe v Bolton which allowed a woman to have an abortion for any reason of the woman’s health that would be exacerbated by not aborting the child.  Thus abortion for any reason of damage to health became abortion on demand in all 50 states.

Subsequent legislation has tended to only strengthen the abortion right.  Such legislation has focused on the woman and not the child.  However, were all this legislation to be suddenly struck down, our society would be back at square one before Roe vs Wade with the real problems of women unaddressed.

The problem is that the legislation of Roe vs Wade and following legislation did not at all address the real need of women to properly address problems before and after sexual intercourse resulting in pregnancy.  Failures in the home, in the church, in the school, in the various informational facets of society have left many women in a void, bereft of nurturing, love, care, and vital information about life and knowledge of a caring God.

Addressing the problems of women in a way that will essentially eradicate the crime of abortion is clearly a massive undertaking.  Solving the problem of abortion cannot be solved purely legislatively.

This massive undertaking came to my mind only a few years ago at the end of my involvement with Hawaii Right to Life starting in 1984.  Hawaii Right to Life was founded in 1974 with an educational arm and a legislative arm.  In the many following years we found that we had success in preventing the Legislature from passing some very dangerous anti-life bills  At the same time we had no success in passing any of our pro-life bills.  Nor did we have much success in getting pro-life information into the schools.  

Looking back, I believe we put too much emphasis and energy in the legislative area but who knows what would now be, had we not.  Today, legislatively, things are really a mess with the government in control of a single party, the Democrat Party, the Party of abortion.  But I hope, with the rise of many good pro life organizations, along with Aloha Pregnancy Care & Counseling, much can be done to help both women and the unborn.

What is of interest to me right now is to get the members of the churches, not just the pastors or priests, directly involved in fostering concerns for women needing information, love and care.  I don’t know exactly what might be needed but getting good information to church members could go a long way to helping women in need.

I am tired of getting blank stares from priests I have approached to concern them about the unborn.  Maybe I need to approach them about concern for women in need or maybe just give information to individual members.

I am willing to do whatever I can but at 79 my energy level is not what it was even during my 60’s.  I have come to the conclusion that I may not be able to do all I want but I wish to use my time in doing what my Good Lord wants me to do.  If you would like me to meet with you at your office at some time I would be most happy to do so.


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